Happenings in Calvary Bible! July 20-26

Sunday morning Services @ 10:00 am

Wednesday Midweek Services and Prayer meetings @ 7:00 pm

Youth Group on Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm

Nursery, Junior church and Sunday school class are now available.

Sunday school class for the next weeks:

Pre-Primary and Primary class through 2nd grade will meet in regular classrooms @ 11:30.

3rd grade- adult classes will meet in sanctuary for four weeks @ 11:30:

Week one- July 12th: Quick Answers to Tough Questions- Creation/ Evolution/ Bible

Week two- July 19th: One race/ One blood

Week three- July 26th: The Atheist Delusion

Cola Clash returns with a lot of fun activities for the teens on August 2nd (more details to come).

Week four- August 9th: Mount St. Helens/ Modern day Evidence for Worldwide Flood

Vacation Bible School (VBS) August 17-21. 6:30-8:00 pm. Ages K – 17. Registration required (more details to come).