3 Tips on How to Speak Truth to Our Children To Give Them Better Futures

“Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is TRUE (…) think about such things.” Phil. 4:8

Imagine your perfectly healthy kid in time starts changing his mood. Nothing major just not playing as much with his friends or maybe not getting good grades. You tell to yourself maybe his friends are busy or class is getting more difficult. With time, instead of showing progress, he seems not to be eating as he used to or just want to be left alone all the time. You just tell yourself sometimes kids lose their appetite, and kids nowadays need their own space.

All of a sudden you get a call – your beautiful kid, who you used to carry in your arms when was a baby and could comfort in almost any way – tried to commit suicide. He thinks life is not worth it anymore and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You start thinking to yourself, if you’d only pay attention to the signs, if you only would’ve talked to him, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

Now, let’s talk about the present.

Ladies, there had never been other times when people – children included – would be bombarded with so many lies from everywhere.

As moms, we need to guard our children’s hearts. We need to know what they watch or listen to because to what they pay attention, that they will become.

Philippians 4: 8 says we need to think about everything that is true. So we must ask the question, are we training our kids to live in truth and to be able to identify lies? Are we teaching them how to renew their minds in truth?

If not, someone else is taking the time to pour into their hearts and it might not be the truth, and those lies will bring your kids to destructive behavior. They might start thinking that this world is hopeless and everyone hates each other, and it’s not worth living in times like these.

When the reality is that even though this world is filled with evil, as Christians, our hope is in Christ – our Savior – and He’s going to use all these horrible situations for his glory and our good.

Today, I have three challenges for you to speak truth to your children:

 1) Seek the wisdom of God in His Word, and pray for your children.

Before training our children in truth, we must first know the truth. In such uncertain times, we need to be equipped and come closer to God to get the wisdom we need to talk to them in a way we can understand them and they won’t feel judge.

2) Be intentional in their lives.

Speak truth to them over and over until their brains create a habit of looking for what is real and what’s not.

Doing so, we are preparing them for the future, especially when we’re not around, so they can filter every thought through the lens of the truth.

3) Start conversations with them and be honest.

Don’t hold high expectations because if they’re not used to having conversations with you they’re not going to open up immediately, but just keep doing it and eventually they’ll start talking.

Just ask questions about what they like and why they like it. Sit down with them to watch the TV show the enjoy and ask some questions. Sometimes all it takes is for us to show a little interest.

These are the first steps into helping them to have a healthy future.

These might be the steps to help you prevent receiving that horrific phone call one day.

We need to be alert. We need to fight for our children. We need to be intentional about them.

About the author: Anyeline is a mom to one, lover of Jesus, and enjoys a great cup of coffee. She is originally from the Dominican Republic, but is now a proud U.S. citizen. When visiting our church, you can find her teaching our young adult women or helping out in children’s ministry. She always has a smile and a warm greeting for friends and strangers alike.